About your guide

Anna Alkin’s lifelong interest in spirituality, social justice, and the natural world led her to work in the US Congress, spend four months in silent meditation in the Tucson desert, accompany a Texas death row inmate to the end of his life, and lead college students on multi-day pilgrimage experiences on the streets to gain spiritual wisdom from our unhoused neighbors.

In 2011, Anna and her family left city life and started LunaSol Farm on 14 acres just outside of Eugene, Oregon, where they raise chickens, berries, and locally-adapted honeybees.

Anna holds an MA in Religion from Yale Divinity School and has worked in the field of spirituality for 25 years. She is honored to serve as a spiritual guide for clients both near and far: http://gaiashamanism.com/.

After successfully completing a wonderful and rigorous 6-month course of study, Anna is provisionally-certified as an ANFT Forest Therapy Guide.

Anna held space for such meaningful connection. The forest therapy walk allowed me to journey deeper within myself as I experienced the kinship of the forest. The grounding points of our sharing circle gave helpful pause for reflection, which allowed me to glean impactful messages from the experience. I’d absolutely love to do this again.”
-- Addison